Empowering young minds

The Education System of any country must not be the mere dispenser of quantifiable academic skills. Along with the essential employability skills, it is mandatory for educational institutions, and more importantly, educators, to focus on skill building. Soft skills, particularly, collaboration, time management, stress management, empathy, and assertiveness, go a long way in generating a positive and productive work environment. A technically skilled adult, armed with these soft skills is able to gainfully and joyfully enjoy his work. Passion, creativity, and out-of-box thinking will evolve only when the fundamental tenets of joyful learning are inculcated at the right time, in the right environment.

The gaps, if unplugged, eventually lead to an unproductive work-force and organizational dysfunctions and chaos.

Schools, therefore; have a moral and professional obligation to holistically develop students in all the spheres of their personality. The soft skills must be given a larger share of time and resources. Classes must reflect 21st Century teaching and learning skills and ideas must resonate from each room.

This blog is a small attempt to generate such ideas. Let’s Engage. Explore. Empower.